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Crackers / Shellers

We manufacture different types of cracker / shellers. Our patented crackers apply different technic to break the shell for each tree-nut (almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts e.t.c.)

A. Almonds shellers / crackers

almond cracker

We are the only manufacturer globally that have invented 3 different technics for almond cracking. We manufacture almonds shellers as:

  • Central Shear Roll cracker for soft shell almonds such as non pareil and carmel
  • corrugated roll and plate sheller for semi hard almonds such as tuono, ferragnes, texas, lauranne, soleta, belona, e.t.c.
  • Corrugated rolls crackers for hard shell almonds such as texas, padre, ferraduel e.t.c.

Capacity: 125 - 4.000 kg / h

Material is painted steel or Stainless steel.

B. Walnuts shellers

We are the only manufacturer that we have patented 3 different technics for walnut cracking, based on the specific characteristic of walnut varieties.

  • First method simulates hand cracking by pressing two faces of the walnuts. It gives minimum scratches and damages to the meat of walnut kernels. It is suitable for semi soft walnuts.

    walnut cracker semi hard walnuts method 1

  • Second method, suitable for soft walnuts, uses rotary strength to crack the shell of the walnuts.

    walnut cracker soft shell walnuts method 2

  • Third method, by two rotary plates is a more industrial way of cracking, in which the appearance of the meat is not so important.

    walnut cracker method 3

  • On January 2020, we patented a new system for the very hard walnuts, where we had the problem that the kernels sticked inside the shells and could be separated only by workers and needles. We are proud that now these kernels can now be removed by a totally mechanical way with 100% success.

    walnut cracker for hard walnus

Capacity: 125 - 4.000 kg / h

Material is painted steel or Stainless steel.

C. Hazelnut shellers

hazelnuts cracker

Hazelnuts shellers consists of rotary plates.

Capacity: 125 - 5.000 kg / h

Material is painted steel or Stainless steel.

D. Pistachio shellers

Our pistachio crackers are a self invented patent. High capacity and minimum looses.

Capacity: 125 - 4.500 kg / h

Material is painted steel or Stainless steel.